Christmas School Party Ideas for Fifth Graders

Christmas School Party Ideas for Fifth Graders

Coming up with Christmas school party ideas can be a chore but not with this great roundup of ideas. These suggestions are perfect for older elementary school aged children!

collage of party ideas

I share the responsibility of being a room parent with two other moms in my son’s fifth grade class.

It’s a chore I have taken on for several years now so I do have some good ideas up my sleeve.

As our kids get older they’re more interested in games that are appropriate for their age.

It gets harder every year to come up with the right games that aren’t for babies and they’re still fun for 10 and 11-year-olds.

I sought classroom Christmas school party ideas from teacher friends of mine and of course from Pinterest, where there are boards and boards of ideas for every type of classroom party you can imagine.

Here is what my room mom cohorts and I came up with for this year.

We were fortunate to get a few contributions from the rest of the class.

Snacks in bowls for class party

Christmas School Party Ideas – What to eat!

For the holiday snack we decided on a popcorn buffet chock full of goodies. We made the popcorn allergy-friendly for those children in the class with milk, egg and peanut allergies.

We added bowls of chocolate chips, gummy bears, skittles, marshmallows, teddy grahams, pretzels … you get the picture.

While the kids were snacking on their popcorn, we decided to play a game called The Blind Snowman.

Every child gets a sturdy white paper plate and a marker.  Each kid is instructed to put the paper plate on their head and draw what they are told to without looking.

Keeping the plate on their head prevents peeking.

School Party game ideas

Here is what to draw:

  • Draw a snowman head
  • Next, draw the middle snowball on your snowman
  • Draw the bottom snowball on your snowman
  • Give your snowman some eyes so he can see
  • Add a carrot nose so he can smell
  • Give him three buttons down the front
  • Now draw two arms so he can give hugs to all his friends
  • Last but not least, put a hat on top of his head to bring him to life

School party ideas include games using paper plates

Games to play at holiday parties

The kids were in stitches after they were done and got to look at their silly snowmen.

The next game planned was a take on the white elephant exchange.

We did it a little differently by incorporating the exchange with a “left-right” holiday game.

boxes of candy

For about a dollar a piece I picked up movie size candy at the grocery store and wrapped each box.

I made sure to pick up a few extra boxes of allergy-friendly candy, which I kept separately, so every student goes home with the candy they can eat.

Each student got a wrapped box of candy not knowing what they were getting.

Then we played the Left-Right Frosty the Snowman game. You can find many Holiday Printables online.

Child holding three candy canes

The last game was a candy cane pass. We split up the class into two teams and formed a two lines.

Each student got a full size candy cane and the first person in each line started the game with a second candy cane.

That first student held their original candy cane upside down to form a hook and dangle the second cane from the hook of the first.

That student then passed the second candy cane from hook to hook down the line without using their hands. The goal: the first team to pass their cane down the entire line wins.

The kids had a great time and their teacher was happy that clean up from this party was a piece of cake.

Happy Holidays!

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