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Who's Afraid of the Wicked Witch

Who's Afraid of the Wicked Witch


The leaves are falling, the air is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. With the changing seasons comes the time to change it up a bit inside. Halloween is right around the corner and already I'm being pressured to carve the pumpkins and hang the ghosts and ghouls.

First things first. Time to create a great welcome as guests walk into my home. Questions is... How can I change things up a bit without running out to spend too much on new fall decor.  Back up...take a look around the house. What can I reuse and recycle?

You can get a whole new look by moving things around. Experimenting with new ideas. It's time to get creative. Last year, I bought this cool witch after Halloween; I got a great deal on it after the fact. I just reused the candles I already had, added a black bird and rat from the dollar store, moved the brambles from another room and voila...a new look for the entry.

I'll enjoy it for a month and do the same for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It just takes a little creative thinking.

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