Is that Cantaloupe Ripe?

Have you ever purchased a cantaloupe at the grocery store and wondered is this ready to eat? Sure, we all know the three ways to check for ripeness when we selected our melons in the store - sniff it, squeeze it and shake it.

But once we get it home how many times have we cut into the cantaloupe only to wish we had waited a day for two before slicing it open. Too many times!

I have the solution. Moms always know best and mine taught me this handy tip. Check it out.

Clean that melon first. Next cut a small triangle in the melon. Pull the section out and cut off the melon from the triangle and taste it. Yum? Or does it need another day for two? If it needs more time to ripen, plug the triangle back up and wait a day.

Is that Cantaloupe Ripe? | | Make sure that melon is ripe before you cut it open.