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Glass Ball Ornaments Filled with Kindness & Love

Glass Ball Ornaments Filled with Kindness & Love


This Christmas I've noticed that even the youngest have been able to participate in holiday crafts. I've seen many Christmas trees covered in ornaments that kids proudly have made themselves. 

I know personally my kids love to help decorate the tree each year with ornaments they have made. This year my son's class is planning on decorating simple glass ball ornaments that send a message of kindness and love.

I hope each child will learn the spirit of giving. So this year each child in the class will receive a glass ball ornament that they will fill with printed words and snowflakes and give that ornaments to another student in the class. Each child will take home an ornament that's filled with words that describe who they are. 


Here is what you need. Pick up the glass ball ornaments at any craft store. I paid less than $5 for a box of nine. I also purchased a snowflake paper puncher for $2, colored paper for $1, a spool of twine for $2. I had white paper for the snowflakes at home and as well as a paper cutter to slice the printed words.


I used the snowflake paper punch to create snow flakes.


I printed out a word document filled with descriptive words a fifth grader would use and cut them down into the perfect size.


I printed the words in a large font so they would be visible and easily fit through the ornament opening.


Each child will get about 10 snowflakes and 10 printed words to fill their glass ball ornament. They can easily fill up the ornament with more words at home if they chose.  I tied a piece of twine around each ornament. Done. Easy for a class party for the holidays.

There are so many ideas to decorate glass ball ornaments. 

  • Toss a few crayon pieces inside a glass ball and use a hairdryer to melt and swirl the colors around.
  • Fill the glass ornament with table salt using a funnel and add peppercorns, an orange felt nose and black felt hat.
  • Paint the glass ornament with chalkboard paint and decorate each ball with your name written in chalk.
  • Fill a glass ball ornament with the candy of your choice. Nerds, M&Ms and pieces of candy canes are a few ideas. Think big!
  • Add a sprig of rosemary or evergreen to a glass ball ornament and add a festive ribbon.
  • Feathers of all colors look fantastic inside a round or oblong shaped glass ornament.
  • Fill an ornament with sand and shells to commemorate your beach trip.
  • Place a piece of tinsel garland inside an ornament for a unique look.
  • Wet the inside of a glass ornament, empty the water and add sequins to the inside and shake around until they stick to the inside of the glass.
  • Create an I-Spy ornament by filling the ball with Styrofoam or filling beads and adding small bells, foam shaped Christmas pieces and anything else that will fit through the opening.
  • Fill a glass ornament with Christmas ribbon, twine or yarn.
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