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Glass Ornament Christmas Craft Ideas

It's day one of Christmas break and already the kids are asking what can we do for fun. Baking cookies is on the agenda for tomorrow so decorating glass ball ornaments is the plan for the day.

We have a box of glass ball ornaments left over from the 5th grade class party and my youngest son is just itching to be creative. Ben has decided that he will use his thinking cap and create a melted snowman using household items including kosher salt, peppercorns, orange and brown construction paper for the carrot nose and stick arms and hat. He discovered some red ribbon for the snowman's scarf. I helped him create a bow for the finishing touch.

Next on his creative mind was a melted crayon glass ball. He grabbed the hair dryer and broke four colorful crayons and removed their paper. The trick to this craft is to make sure the crayon pieces are small chunks and use no more than four to swirl around at a time. He did experience a little sticking of the crayon pieces and they stayed inside the ornament because they didn't want to come out after he created his masterpiece. I helped hold the glass ornament while he powered the dryer on full power and heat. It gets hot so grab a grownup to help.

The third ornament he decided to create was an I SPY ornament. First he scoured the house for anything small enough to fit through the opening. This was part of the fun. A scavenger hunt. He came up with a silly band, a paper snowflake, a fuzzy ball, a black headphones Lego piece, a small elephant and lion, a screw, a golf tee, a small grey foot and two red buttons. After fitting all the pieces into the ornament he filled it with kosher salt and added printed instructions (with a little help from mom) of what to look for inside the ornament.

The last ornament was the easiest. We found that zip lock bag of beach sand and small shells from our vacation to the Outer Banks and voila!

This is a perfect craft for any school project, visit with the grandparents or home craft party with friends. The box of 9 glass ball ornaments can be picked up at any craft store for about $5. As my Ben would say, "Be creative and think outside the box."

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