School Fundraiser Gift Basket Ideas

School Fundraiser Gift Basket Ideas

It’s Pow Wow carnival time at the elementary school.

Every year the PTO sponsors a carnival called Pow Wow to raise funds for our school. The students love it and our parents are very generous with their donations. The PTO stocks plenty of books in our classrooms and smart boards for every teacher. It is the most popular fundraiser of the year and a lot of hard work goes into the planning and execution.

For the event, students can expect a cakewalk, a bake sale, carnival games, inflatables and a theme basket raffle. They have so much fun. Students buy tickets and try their best at winning time with teacher or the raffle baskets.

Each elementary school class contributes a theme basket. This year my son’s fifth grade class chose to donate Target gift cards as their “Theme Basket.”  Being the class room parent, I sent out reminders to parents that their donations were appreciated. After collecting over $100 in Target gift cards and cash, I had the task of presenting these gift cards in a unique way that will attract ticket dunkers. I searched the web and Pinterest with no luck. I wanted something easy and attractive.

In the past, the money trees have been the popular basket theme but our school likes to have a variety of different baskets for students of all ages to try to win. I didn’t want to create a Target tree, although that would have been super cute.

I got it!

BULLSEYE! – What kid wouldn’t want to win over $100 in target gift cards?

 One of the popular theme

One of the popular theme “basket” at the school carnival. Just thing outside the box!

I came up with the idea of a Target Bullseye just like the store logo. After a quick trip to the dollar store and Hobby Lobby I had what I needed. For less than $7 dollars, I picked up a piece of foam board, red poster board, map pins, basket wrap and a tabletop easel.

I cut out two red circles and glued each to the foam board to create my bullseye and I used the map pins to attach the gift cards to the foam board. I wrapped the front of the foam board in clear basket wrap to keep sticky fingers from touching the gift cards.

The carnival was a great success. I wanted to share a few other theme baskets that were presented at our school.

Money Trees – Who said “money doesn’t grow on trees?” These are filled with cash in all amounts. I’m pretty sure every kid dropped their tickets into this “basket.”

Money trees are always a hit during the Pow Wow!

I Love Chocolate – a basket filled with so many different candy bars, chocolate cookies, and hot chocolate. This basket is a take on the candy baskets of past years. This one should come with toothbrushes!

Theme basket filled with “All Things Chocolate”

Beanie Boos – This basket was a favorite amongst the younger grades of our elementary school. Apparently Beanie Boos are all the rage. They even have names.

Theme basket filled with Beanie Boos. So many I can’t count them!

Sports Off All Sorts – Calling all athletes. What kid wouldn’t want to win a collection of different sporting goods. This basket was filled with a football, basketball, dodge ball, a kite, hula hoop and boomerang to name a few.

This basket’s theme is “Sports of All Sorts.”

Pokemon – I don’t know about you but my kids went through a Pokemon phase. This is a dream come true for any fan. Cards and figures galore.

Any Pokemon fan will go nuts for this theme “basket.”

All Things Ohio State – GO BUCKS! Number one team in the nation in college football and this basket is sure to even attract a few adults. Drop those tickets please!

After a national championship win, “All Things Ohio State,” was a hit amongst fans.

Puzzles Galore – Puzzles and more puzzles. Perfect for the kid that likes a challenge. A perfect way to spend a snowy weekend.

Filled with puzzles of all kids, this basket should keep the kiddos busy!

Crafts Galore – An artist’s dream. Any kid with a crafty bone in their body is sure to love a collection of markers, jewelry making kits and bead crafts. This basket was a hit!

The ideal basket for the crafty kids!

A few others included:

  • Harry Potter – all things Harry, Quid-ditch and Hogswart. Perfect for the fan and magician in all of us.
  • Camping Adventure – flashlights, s’mores ingredients, bug spray and playing cards. Use a cooler as your basket.
  • Beach Fun – beach towels, pails and shovels and sunscreen. Love it!
  • Movie Night – a collection of family friendly movies. Walmart has a great $5 collection to choose from.
  • Lego and Nerf basket – a basket filled with Legos and Nerf toys.

A little creativity and imagination goes a long way.

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