Easy Firefly Cocktail Recipe (using sweet tea vodka)

Easy Firefly Cocktail Recipe (using sweet tea vodka)

Spiked with a little sweet tea vodka, this Firefly cocktail is the perfect summer drink for those hot summer nights.

Nothing spells summer like a cold glass of sweet iced tea and fresh lemonade.

I love it spiked with a bit of vodka. But not just any ordinary brand of vodka.

Firefly sweet tea flavored vodka is an essential bottle for your summer liquor cabinet.

There are plenty of brands out there but this one is my favorite.

What does sweet tea vodka taste like?

It taste like sweet iced tea, but alcoholic. “The house wine of the South” is how Dolly Parton’s character describes it in the movie “Steel Magnolias.”

Having this flavored vodka on hand makes mixing a late day cocktail easy and doable because there are only two ingredients needed for this alcoholic drink.

What is a sweet tea and vodka called?

This cocktail is also known as a John Daly or a dirty Arnold Palmer.

I like to call this summer drink simply a Firefly Cocktail.

Are there other sweet tea vodkas available?

Firefly brand also carries a whole lineup of flavored tea vodkas including peach vodka, mint, lemon and a skinny version.

If bourbon is your thing, Firefly also makes a sweet tea bourbon.

There’s nothing quite like Firefly. But if you want to experiment then try Deep Eddy, Jeremiah Weed or Burnett’s sweet tea vodkas.

I always have Simply Lemonade and Simply Raspberry Lemonade in my fridge because I love it.

Sweet tea vodka also mixes well with Crystal Light lemonade flavor mix.

Try these summer cocktails

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Firefly Cocktail (using sweet tea vodka)

Ali Randall
Spiked with a little sweet tea vodka, this Firefly drink is the perfect summer cocktail for those hot summer nights.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 1


  • 2 ounces Firefly sweet tea flavored vodka
  • 2 ounces Simply raspberry lemonade


  • Pour the Firefly vodka and Simply raspberry lemonade over ice and enjoy.


This recipe is not sponsored. It’s simply a brand I enjoy.
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