Cozy and Easy Decorating Ideas for your Screened Porch

Cozy and Easy Decorating Ideas for your Screened Porch

With spring and summer approaching it’s time to start thinking of decor updates to your outdoor living spaces, specifically screened porch decorating ideas.

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We spend many summer nights on our enclosed porch, watching our children play in the backyard or spending time with neighbors.

It is our favorite room of the house.

It’s a great place to sit and enjoy the fresh air outside.

I love to read a good book and enjoy my morning coffee while the rest of the house is sleeping.

I enjoy entertaining with friends in the evenings.

There is nothing like grilling out on a hot summer day while the kids play in the yard.

This great space has become our official dining area during the warmer months.

So how do we keep it cozy and inviting?

Define your outdoor space

I’m sharing these simple screened porch decorating ideas we used for our porch that defines our outdoor living space that we love so much.

Keeping it simple and streamlined is key.

 Screened Porch Decorating Ideas | Home & Plate | | Choose a porch rug in a bold pattern or color that is weather resistant.

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Cozy and Inviting Screened Porch Ideas

Through trial and error we have discovered the right furnishings and accessories to suit our lifestyle, the weather and to keep our small screened porch from becoming cluttered.

Each spring I start with a good cleaning. 

I hose down the wooden floor and clean the dirt and pollen off the outdoor furniture.

Next, I get out the brooms and extensions to reach the vaulted ceiling and ceiling windows.

I bring the outdoor rug and patio furniture cushions out of storage.

They are still in great shape after many years of use because we store them inside during the winter months.

 Screened Porch Decorating Ideas | Home & Plate | | Choose bold colors that brighten up your outdoor living space.

Add the essentials to your outdoor space

Our outdoor room provides enough space for comfy furniture.

We opted for a dining room table and chairs and eat dinner on the back porch nightly.

We chose stylish, weather resistant furniture that doesn’t break the bank.

The throw pillows add bright colors and comfort to each chair.

For a small area, we chose this over a sofa set because we planned to use it at meal times.

We spend a lot of dinners together on the porch as well as weekend breakfasts.

It’s wonderful to be shielded from the bugs, the sun and the rain. 

The overhead ceiling fan and light allows us to enjoy our porch in a cool spot once the sun goes down.

 Screened Porch Decorating Ideas | Home & Plate | | A wooden storage bench doubles as seating when needed.

We invested in a storage bench that also doubles as seating to hide sports equipment and yard toys.

Keeping toys in their proper place keeps our small screened porch from looking cluttered and unkempt.

Last year we invested in a flat screen smart television that we mounted undercover so we can watch Reds baseball during the summer while still enjoying the outdoors.

Many times the kids invite their friends over for movie night.

We also stream music from the TV when we’re in the mood for tunes.

 Screened Porch Decorating Ideas | Home & Plate | | Hang lanterns to provide extra ambient lighting.

Add accessories to soften the space and create comfort

I hung brackets on two of the posts so we can enjoy lanterns for a little extra mood light and to give the porch a cozy feel.

Some years I have hung green plants like ferns for extra color. 

I have found faux plants also work well and eliminate the need for watering and cleaning dead leaves off the porch floor.

The table centerpiece provides a pops of color and extra lighting when the sun goes down.

Around the dinner hour the direct sunlight shines brightly from the west.

Two PVC roll up shades in a woodgrain color from Lowe’s provide the shade we need from the sun.

I’ve often thought that sheer curtains would make a nice addition to allow natural light without the sun’s glare.

Our screened porch really is another room of our home and we love that it is inviting and welcomes company in.

Well decorated and well planned screen rooms extend the living space of your home.

Enjoy summer outdoors in your screened porch.

Where to find decor for a porch makeover

The usual stores like World Market, At Home, Walmart and Home Depot are the first stops for decor like string lights and window treatments.

Try hitting your local flea market or thrift store for the more expensive items because it is an ideal way to save a few bucks

There you may find an outdoor area rug, wicker furniture, a coffee table or porch swing if you are lucky.

I found Adirondack chairs at Amazon that we placed on the brick patio just outside out screened porch.

There we planned a small sitting area we use when not at the dining table.

It’s a seamless transition from one space to another.

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  • Thank you for sharing your description and photos of your beautiful screened-in porch! I was wondering if you could briefly explain the screen in your windows – is it like a black mesh? Did you make them yourself or buy them? Right now we have storm windows on our front porch but would love to replace them with something similar to yours. Thanks!

    • The screen is a black fiberglass screening material that is attached to an aluminum frame. We then have wood trim covering the frames and keeping them securely intact in the space. We have had to have the panels replaced over the years because of the effects of nature and pesky squirrels that climb to the roof and damage the screens. I have had them replaced at our Roush hardware (similar to Ace) which has a department that makes new screen windows, including new screening and frame.

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